Normality endures/Nòmalite ap pèsiste

21 04 2010

Clothes drying in a tent community in Cité Soleil in February. It is not surprising that keeping clean is a priority in these trying times. There is a Haitian saying, “Rad se paspò pa w,” “Your clothes are your passport.” This means that however difficult your circumstances are, looking presentable is one of the keys to a better future. Rad ap seche nan yon sant debèjman nan Site Solèy nan mwa fevriye. Fòk nou pa sezi paske moun toujou bay anfaz pwòpte nan sityasyon red sa a. Kouman pwovèb la di, “Rad se paspò pa w.”

Even in the midst of so much loss, normality (or a new version of it) persists here in Port-au-Prince.  This disaster has forever changed the city and the people who experienced it, but people have no choice but to move forward.

Nan mitan tout  chagrensa a, nòmalite (oubyen yon nouvo vèsyon nòmalite) pèsiste isit an Pòtoprens.  Dezas la chanje, pou toutan, vil la ak tout moun ki te eksperyanse katastrof la, men moun pa gen chwa, yo oblije mache an’n avan toujou.

A MINUSTAH vehicle parked in front of the Domino’s Pizza in Pétionville, April. Machinn MINUSTAH kanpe devann Domino’s Pizza nan Petyonvil.

A chalkboard sign leans against a USAID tarp, advertising the “El Clásico” soccer match between Real Madrid and Barcelona in Delmas 32 in April. It encourages people to “come in a crowd to watch Messi” for ten Haitian gourdes (about 25 cents). Yon tablo apiye sou prela USAID, nan Delma 32 nan mwa avril. Yon piblisite pou match la (“El Clásico” ) ant Barcelon ak Real Madrid.

Clothes hung out to dry on the remaining rubble, Delmas 75. Rad kap seche sou dekonb ki rete nan Delma 75.

A merchant sells her wares in the shade of a partially-collapsed cement roof in Delmas 32 in April. Yon machann vann machandiz li nan lombraj yon dal prèske tonbe, nan Delma 32, mwa avril.

Seven-year-old Lala, who lost her aunt in the earthquake, and a small friend have some fun on a hot Sunday afternoon. Lala, 7 ane, ki te pèdi matant li nan tranblemanntè a, ak yon ti zanmi, amize yo pandan yon dimanch aprèmidi cho.




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