Photos of KoJePens Members/Foto Mamb KoJePens Yo

20 04 2011

Our friend, filmmaker Lena Jackson of the Democracy in Haiti documentary project took these beautiful portraits of some of the KoJePens members in March!  Thanks, Lena!

Zanmi nou, sineyas Lena Jackson nan film dokimantè Demokrasi an Ayiti pran bèl potre mamb KoJePens sa yo nan mwa d mas.  Mèsi, Lena!

Assephie Petit-Frère

Elie "Atom" Dupalis

Gerty Metellus

Bazelet St. Louis

Wesline "Tibebe" Ciceron

Wilgens "Scott" Laguerre

Emmanuella Francois

Depilye (Benes Vincent)

Claudine St. Fleur

Dénold "G-Love" Joseph

Lo-Rushama Marie Lynda Joseph




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